sleepless in teaneck
Sleepless in Teaneck

“I am cancer survivor, and that was a big reason why I was drawn to Wellness Motivations. Beth’s background and experience as an oncology has helped me a great deal. I was having trouble sleeping. Beth suggested that I change the time of day I was taking my anti-hormone therapy from the evening to the morning. I followed her advice and for the first time in months, I slept through the night.“

Larger Menu

“When I started meeting with Beth from Wellness Motivations, I thought we would be working on my diet and nutrition. Beth brings a much larger menu to the table.We also discuss and work on fitness and conditioning, mindfulness and many subject related to the body and soul.”

-Larry S.
weight loss
Weight Loss

“I called Beth because I needed to lose weight. I have lost 25lbs! I work out with Beth once or twice a week. We walk and jog in the park – she has me moving in ways that I have not been able to in years. With her clear guidance, and concern for my wellbeing – I am more tone, and my stamina has increased. I tell so many of my friend, you must see Beth.”

-Marina B.
the inpiration you need
The Inspiration

From the moment I walked into Beth’s office I felt inspired to work towards my personal goals. Beth is genuine! Her caring manor and wealth of knowledge, continues to guide me on my health and wellness journey. Of course the weight loss is great, but feeling good inside and out is what Beth does.

Thank you

-Reva J
taking care of you 1
Taking Care of the Full You

After caring for my mother for 4 years, I was beginning to come up for air. I then found Beth. Beth is a gift. She has changed my life. She guided me on how to take care of me. Mentally, physically, and spiritually. To find inner peace. Which is a work in progress. She is kind, understanding, extremely intelligent. She can never retire. I’m grateful she’s in my life.

-Deborah F
exercise circle
My 30 Day Challenge

Thank you Beth for offering the 30 Day Challenge. I was excited to take up the challenge, as I was looking for structure in my diet and exercise regimen. I didn’t realize at that time how great it would truly be for me. We met 3 times per week and I truly looked forward to each of our meetings. Beth is extremely intelligent and competent at what she does. It was not just a structure for my exercise and diet routine, it was truly mind and body. We examined my lifestyle and took that into account when setting up a program, and then tweaked it as necessary. We worked both indoors and out, which was also a tremendous plus. The hour flew by and I truly felt so much better after our meetings. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this experience. That you so much.

Thank you

-Debby R