sleepless in teaneck
Sleepless in Teaneck

“I am cancer survivor, and that was a big reason why I was drawn to Wellness Motivations. Beth’s background and experience as an oncology has helped me a great deal. I was having trouble sleeping. Beth suggested that I change the time of day I was taking my anti-hormone therapy from the evening to the morning. I followed her advice and for the first time in months, I slept through the night.“

Larger Menu

“When I started meeting with Beth from Wellness Motivations, I thought we would be working on my diet and nutrition. Beth brings a much larger menu to the table.We also discuss and work on fitness and conditioning, mindfulness and many subject related to the body and soul.”

-Larry S.
weight loss
Weight Loss

“I called Beth because I needed to lose weight. I have lost 25lbs! I work out with Beth once or twice a week. We walk and jog in the park – she has me moving in ways that I have not been able to in years. With her clear guidance, and concern for my wellbeing – I am more tone, and my stamina has increased. I tell so many of my friend, you must see Beth.”

-Marina B.


At Wellness Motivations, we believe in the importance of focusing on the whole person. As a medical professional, I motivate each of my clients to engage in self-care by responding to physical and emotional needs, not only by reacting to specific symptoms, but by reassessing his or her entire life-style, including eating, exercising, and sleeping patterns.